Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is Flamepix more expensive than cheap hosting?

Why is a Mercedes Benz more expensive than a Toyota? Flamepix is a high-end managed service that truly cares about your X3 website and how well it performs. You should too!

  • Guaranteed best compatibility, speed and performance.
  • Free X3 license included!
  • X3 application pre-installed.
  • Automatic X3 updates.
  • Powerful, high-performance hardware resources.
  • Carefully optimized for X3 compatibility and performance.
  • Integrated with Cloudflare security and CDN.
  • SSL (https) encryption and high-performance Http/2 transfer.
  • First-class technical support from the creators of X3.
  • Everything just works.

By summarizing the costs of hosting, an X3 license, time spent installing and upgrading, time wasted with technical issues, and the added value of visitor satisfaction, price is easily competitive.

How can you guarantee best performance?

With a decade of experience working with websites running Imagevue, we are confident enough with our X3 application to guarantee best performance from our X3-optimized hosting environment. Even with many users, we have abundant resources to handle spikes in processing and requests. Our server is also scalable, so we can increase resources when required. Another reason we can confidently guarantee best performance, is that our hosting is strictly limited to X3 web application hosting.

Do I need to have a domain name?

You are not required to have a domain name as we offer free domain. However, it is likely that you wish to connect your own unique domain.

How do I point my domain towards Flamepix?

Once you are ready to move the domain, you will be required to change nameserver settings from where your domain is managed. Your domain name still remains in full control by you from where it is registered.

Is Email service included?

Flamepix supports email FORWARDING, which means you can have a professional email YOU@YOURDOMAIN.COM, which forwards to your YOU@GMAIL.COM inbox (or any other existing email you own). Flamepix does not however offer a dedicated email INBOX. If you require a dedicated email inbox, we recommend Google G Suite ($2.50 / month), which we can help setup for you.

Can I use FTP?

No. To fully secure our service and guarantee flawless performance to all customers, we do not offer FTP access. Since flamepix hosting is limited to the X3 application, you basically have no need of FTP. From the X3 panel you have unrestricted upload capabilities, so it can also be used as a file manager.

Can I install other applications?

No. See the above answer.

The Flamepix limitations don't suit me!

Flamepix hosting is not for everyone, and we respect that there may be other suitable solutions depending on your requirements. The bottom line is that Flamepix is dedicated to ease-of-use and best performance X3 website hosting. We don't offer services that we cannot manage effectively.

Where are Flamepix servers located?

Flamepix has origin servers in three locations, which you may choose from:

  • New York (US)
  • Frankfurt (Europe)
  • Singapore (Asia)

All origin servers are integrated with services Cloudflare CDN, Cloudfront (X3 core and CDN) and Postmark (mailing), so most data is served from global locations close to the visitor for best performance.