Flat monthly pricing for Flamepix dedicated X3 hosting.

Flamepix Premium X3 Hosting
  • X3 PRO license included for free!
  • X3 application pre-installed.
  • Automatic X3 version updates.
  • Free or use your own domain name.
  • Unlimited data storage on high-performance SSD hard drives.
  • Tier-1 bandwidth with 1Gb/sec network interface.
  • Unlimited data transfer.
  • Weekly backups.
  • Database-powered X3 control panel.
  • Integrated with Cloudflare security and CDN.
  • SSL (https) encryption and high-performance Http/2 transfer.
  • Guaranteed best speed, compatibility and performance with X3.
  • First-class technical support from the creators of X3.

Optional Add-on Packages

X3 Pro Web Designer
$150/One-time fee

With the X3 Web Designer package, we will personally attend the setup, design and creation of pages based on your requirements. Furthermore, we will guide you to confidently manage your website effectively after launch. Let a seasoned X3 web designer setup your website for a professional result!

  • Professional X3 Setup and Design.
  • Page creation based on requirements.
  • Professional Consulting (technical, social media, seo, strategy).
  • Live-chat or Email.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Dedicated CDN

Exceptional image loading speeds with with Amazon Cloudfront CDN.

* Beneficial if your website has a global- or transatlantic audience.